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Setting departure / arrival points

  • use search suggestions (streets, points of interest, public transit stops) - you can include the street number;
  • use current location - also available as a search suggestion;
  • right-click the map to set departe / arrival points;
  • reverse departure / arrival points using the "reverse" button.

Journey time / date

You can set the hour (and the date) when you want to start the journey, or the desired arrival time (e.g. you can search for routes that arrive at the cinema before 18, so that you know when to leave home).

Advanced settings

  • set maximum walk distance (km);
  • choose fast / direct journey (the fast journey takes you to your destination in the shortest time, while the direct journey is the most comfortable - least number of transfers);
  • choose preferred transit operator (e.g. surface and / or underground transport).